Scientific Innovations by the Members of The A. G. Leventis Scholars Association (Cyprus)


Saturday 29th of April, 19:00 – 21:00, Room Darwin.

The A. G. Leventis Scholars Association (Cyprus) and  the organizing committee of the Mediterranean Science Festival 2017 are honoured to invite you to series of lectures with the subject: “Scientific Innovations by the Members of The A. G. Leventis Scholars Association (Cyprus)”.

19:00-19:15 Opening Speech

“Anastasios G. Leventis (1902-1978) – The great benefactor” – Elena Ellioti-President of The Leventis Scholars Association (Cyprus)
The presentation will introduce the A. G. Leventis Scholars Association (Cyprus), its mission, actions and offer to the Cypriot society, culture and science. The presentation will also elaborate on the main areas of Anastasios G. Leventi’s life; the way he started his long journey to success, how he eventually managed from a young merchant in Nigeria to become one of the top entrepreneurs, in the countries of Africa, Nigeria, France, Cyprus and elsewhere and his great contribution to the history and culture of Cyprus and of Hellenism in general.

19:15-21:00  Speeches

Coordinators: Dr Maria Michaelides, Dr Konstantinos Melides

“Reconstructing” the ancient music through the Greek manuscripts – Konstantinos Melidis-Doctorate on Greek Classical Philology
What secrets of the ancient Greek music are hidden in the medieval manuscripts that have been discovered? It will be presented how using such information we constructed the musical system of the Ancient Greeks and we will explain its connections with mathematics and acoustics, various musical instruments etc. The presentation will close with a one-minute musical piece.

“Conversion of CO2 and electrons by microbes to biofuel” – Ioannis Vyrides-Assistant Professor, Cyprus University of Technology
Microbial electrosynthesis (MES) is one of the most attractive technologies for the renewable production of fuels and chemicals. MES can convert electrical energy from renewable sources into a form that can be stored, distributed, and consumed on demand. In particular, since MES can use CO2 to produce biofuels is considered to be a rising technology for  reducing greenhouse gases.

“The Consumer Behaviour of Cypriots via their Bank Cards” – Elena Ellioti-Programmer/Analyst MPhil,  MA
The economic crisis in Cyprus was a unique phenomenon within the EU, as it was the only country where “haircut” of deposits was imposed, on March of 2013. This has greatly affected the economy and the lives of the island’s citizens, imposing many changes in their consuming behaviour as well.  Researchers have shown that the buying habits of Cypriots have changed, basing their conclusions on questionnaires and on the average expenditure of households or individuals. What does the use of bank cards reveal though? The results are unexpected and very interesting.

“Wi-Fi: Myths and realities” – Nestor Jacovides-Telecommunications Engineer PMP, MIET, MSc
Almost all of us have a friend, acquaintance or relative, who thinks that WiFi is dangerous. These people claim that the electromagnetic radiation is harmful to our health, and could lead to cancer. The important question is where does truth end and where do ignorance, exaggeration and paranoia begin?


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