Homework: How It All Started

The sweet but sour story of homework will keep you wondering why exactly we still hold on to this sad duty. Research sometimes ago said that one Robert Nevilis, who hailed from Italy, decided to use homework has a sign of punishment and correction for students who are stubborn and are not diligent with school work. Really, this is a wicked act, and for us to still have homework now, I hope we are not with the same mindset. Along the line, it looks like this story is false, as the internet can be a liar sometimes.

History came out again to tell us that homework was discouraged in California, and this time was 1901, years before Nevilis came out with starting homework. The origin of homework, as said by Google, was wrong. Homework is as old as other activities done by humans. Ask me why I said this? Singing, crafting, and many other things done outside of the major work of humans can be considered as homework because they help the retention of the activities we do daily. That means that homework is not today or yesterday’s work; it has been from the beginning of time.

Going back and forth, we can decide to question the process of homework and why it is given in schools back then. Technically, teachers in history would find it challenging to grade their student’s abilities outside the school walls and for the fact that there was no internet, no textbooks, and no access to quality facilities. So now, memorizing each word and saying it word for word would be the best form of assimilation and homework process. This fact is supported by bible believers and other religious settings where their children have to cram the words. Is this not a big burden and a wicked act? Well, we cannot say that for sure, because of the availability of educational materials back then.

Why then do we give homework to students now? Unlike the story of Nevilis and his wicked plan to punish his students with homework, I believe homework has better intentions for students now. The major purpose is to keep the minds of the students fixed to what they learn in class. Every teacher wants to see their student remember what they have learned in class, and so the best method to do that is by giving them homework.

Another intention is to make the child study at a convenient speed and location, unlike the classroom where there are more students to distract and inconvenient you.

Also, homework has the intention of helping you explore your imaginative mind and create something different all by yourself. Homework then gives you a chance for trial and error because mistakes will happen, but when you are alone, you can correct yourself over and over until you get it right.

Finally, there are no wicked intentions for giving homework. Find the right reasons & ways to do it for the development of your mind. Don’t get upset if you are having struggles with assignments, writing professionals at domyhomework123.com are always ready to help you.

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